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We offer a broad range of products many available ex stock, and all at value for money prices with quality that's second to none.

We supply a range of building materials to help you construct your own buildings or alternatively maintain those that you have.

We are agents for several well know manufactures and stock a range of fittings and fixings for internal and external applications.

Custom made fittings are available, most are galvanised for durability or when used in an eternal enviroment. 

Livestock grids are available in a range of standard sizes.

3.6 metre wide by 2.4 metre

4.1 metre wide by 2.4 metre

5 metre by 2.4 metre

Fibre Cement Sheets and Accessories

Euro six and Big six available from stock, some colours available, most 10 day lead times.

Sheets:   5 ft, 5.6 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 8.6ft, 9 ft, 9.6ft, 10 ft.

Barges:  8ft/10 ft roll top barges, 10 ft plain wing.

Finials:   1 piece, cranked roll top 12.5, 15, 17.5, 22.5, 2 piece adjustable

Ridges:   closed 12.5, 15, 17.5, 22.5, open 12.5, 15, 17.5,  2 piece adjustable open and closed, 1800 mm girth in 15, 17.5, 22.5.

Expansion joints: strips 10 ft and ridge pieces 15, 17.5 

GRP Rooflights:    6 ft, 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft 

Timber Purlins

All timber purlins are graded to min of C16. C24 is available on some sizes, all our purlins are tanalised for longevity.

175mm by 75mm

15 feet standard

16 feet standard 

 4.8 metre kiln dry easi  C24

225mm by 75mm                      

15 feet standard 

4.8 metres kiln dry 

20 feet standard 

Note: Unlike our competitors we do not carry many small side cladding rails, we do not believe the small price saving is worth the reduction in quality likewise our gable cleaders are the same size as the purlins.

Steel stock 

Steel U beam column and channel is available from stock, we carry a minimum of 75 tonnes of mixed U beam and column at all times. Most available in shot and primed finishes, off cuts are readily available.


127mm x 79mm x 13 kg              12.2m/14m

178mm x 102mm x 19kg             15.3m

203mm x 133mm x 25 kg            14m/15.1m

254mm x 146mm x 31kg/43kg  15.3/16.5m

305mm x165 mm x 40 kg/46kg 15.1m/16.5m

356mm x 171mm x 45kg /57kg 15.3m/16.5m 

406mm x 178mm x 54 kg            16.5m

152mm x 152mm x 23 kg            14m

203mm x 203mm x 46 kg            12.2m/15.1m

254mm x 254mm x 73kg             15.m/15.5m

Plastic Undergrounds and Guttering

We stock Polypipe Guttering and civils not because it is the cheapest but because Polypipe has established itself as the number one UK supplier of quality above and below ground products.


150mm half round guttering in grey available from stock at the best prices.

Livestock buildings require handling, division and feeding fittings, we endeavour to stock standard off the shelf items were possible, however sometimes it is necessary to custom manufacture the fittings that you, the customer needs.

Sometimes this may be for simple sizing reasons, others may not feel the quality of off the peg items are up to scratch, or occasional product lead times are just too long, whatever the reasons or whatever your needs we have a solution for you here.

Commercial Grade Claddings

Roll formed roof and wall cladding materials are available in some cases from stock; however in most instances 2 week lead times are required.

Single skin wall cladding materials in plastisol and PVF are readily available, liner and rock wool built up systems offer a large range of flexibility within their design parameters.

Composite PIR panels in most cases will be a designers starting point, available in a large range of profiles offering a massive variety of aesthetic options and in core thicknesses from 40 mm upwards.

Brett Martin or Filon GRP FAIRS matching roof lights and accessories offer internal working environments that are constant in temperature whilst providing lighting levels like the outside world.

Flashings and custom trims can be tailored in house if necessary.

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Quality Precast Concrete Products

We supply a large range of concrete products to complement our structural steel products, where there used are simply walls or retainers for a range of materials there is a panel to suit all requirements.


Basic wall 95mm thick, suitable for general use.


Retaining 145mm thick for solids and standard retaining walls.


Heavy 180mm for Grains and heavy aggregates.

 Special Panel Deals

4572mm/15 feet

95mm Thick Standard Panels

1200mm High Complete         £ 170  plus VAT

1500mm High Complete         £ 209  plus VAT

1000mm High Complete         £ 145  plus VAT

145mm Thick retaining panels

1200mm High Complete          £ 225 plus VAT

1500mm High Complete          £ 252 plus VAT     

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