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Commercial and industrial frame and cladding packages

Specialist packages that can be tailored to fulfill the requirements of your project.
All designed to satisfy national building regulations and can be quickly completed in a range of off the shelf cladding options , just add doors and floors.

 All packages are complete with the following items:

Hot rolled steel sections to structural frame with below ground level base plates of 400mm and gable post and bracing to roof and sides and structural eaves beams .

Cold rolled sections of z purlins to roof and sides ,cleader angles to gables and folded eaves beams ,anti sag ties and sleeves, side fixed struts .

Cladding package to include 100mm PIR composite roof cladding and 80mm side cladding with flashing package to internal and external skins , drip trays and door heads  to 1 meter from FFL .

Integral guttering, trim line package to both sides including stays and butt joints , caps fillers and fasteners.

12.2 metre wide  eaves of 5.5 metres 

18.3 metres long
24.3 metres long
30.4 metres long 
36.5 metres long
42.6 metres long
£ 28,900
£ 39,500
£ 49,900
£ 59,000
£ 67,000
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