Special Winter and Spring  deals

Special offers for the coming season, take the hassle out of the project and order a complete package of building and cladding .

Crop storage and Spring  Builds

50' by 100' and 20' high enclosed grain store complete with vermin proof cladding and access doors.

Plain fibre cemment roof and steel plastisol profile side cladding on all sides to wall high  .

Panels and floor and ready to go 

£37,900 ex VAT

45' by 75' and 12' high enclosed sheep building for lambing season  .

Plain fibre cemment roof and timber side cladding with central door openings to both gables  .

50' by 105' and 18' semi open sided straw barn / general storage with cladding to one long side and gable enclosed at one end in plastisol steel cladding to floor level to provide shelter against prevailing weather 

Get ready for the beast from the East 

£18,500 ex VAT

Protect your harvest from the winter blues 

£24,900 ex VAT